Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sister's Anniversary Card- Smiley Bears

Fiiiiiiinally finished my sister's wedding anniversary cards... about time too after 2 months as the anniversary is at the end of August! lol...

I used my Smiley Bears sheets I got weeks ago and I sort of like it... I decided to put the greeting on the back of the card though as everything I tried inside looked too squished hehe

Used son-of-mine's camera to take the photos... I sooo miss it- it was my camera til last month when I got a new one. It's touch screen and everything but it doesn't take photos half as well as my old Sony Eriksson *sniff* hehe


  1. That is so pretty, your sister and her OH are going to love it x

  2. Such a pretty card love the cute bears.
    Paula xxxx

  3. That is a pretty card with the cute bears!
    Jodi =)

  4. What a great card. I am sure they will both love it x

  5. Good idea to put the greetings on the back. It's a lovely card, they will love it :D