Saturday, 22 August 2009

It's nearly Christmas!!!!!

Goodness it's nearly Christmas! I thought I'd get a really good head start but what with one thing and another (grrr) haven't been able to craft much, so I have about 10 cards made.... Must Do Better lol

The decoupage on a lot of these is mostly from a very talented woman called Nikky whose blog is here ... uber talented lady and some of her sheets are very funny :) I think I prefer the one with the reindeer on- I actually surprised myself with how good it ended up looking lol....

I only possess 3 stamps so we spent an afternoon last week trying to stamp some images for cards etc... I think the photo shows eight, but we tried about 30 *blush* what a waste.... I knew there was some reason I bought stamped images from Ebay and didn't try myself... hehe


  1. Wow, fab cards!!! I need to get cracking on my Xmas cards really... ;-)

  2. well you have done more christmas cards than me i've done exactly one.
    brilliant cards. i waste card too sometimes when i stamp. i have one stamp that just won't stamp .

  3. Found them! Lovely cards I like the penguins best.

  4. Fab cards I also need to getting cracking on my chistmas cards