Monday, 24 August 2009

Oh Noes! What have I done......???!!!???

What am I doing? What *am* I doing?????

Having made cards for a few months I decided that my Nan's 90th at the start of October would be the time I first made a scrapbook and it would be excellent and everyone would say Ahhhh isn't that the most excellent thing I have ever seen!? ..... I'm getting the collywobbles, having kittens and anything else that means I'm now scared out of my wits

I have enough photos now to be getting on with spanning her life so now i have to make a start... I have ordered a 6x6 and 12x12 scrapbook with cash I gained selling dvds on Ebay... and I'm playing about with them now

Why did i say I'd do it? Why did I think I could make a good job of it????

...and to cap it all... after I played about with the pic in the photo here... I discovered my printer won't print out 12x12s anyway lol.....

Do you think I can get away with sticking printed out photos on and pretending they are cards etc? After all , That Is How You Are Meant To Scrapbook... right?

Oh matron.... I think it's time for my chillout pills!



  1. By the way the girl on the left of the 'me too' bubble... tis me lol.. in 1981

  2. This is fabulous your Nan will love it.
    Paula xxxx