Saturday, 25 July 2009

Kiddy Doings

Still not feeling so great but just to show you I'm still alive here's what the kids have been up to.

Little Myz, just turned 4, had a go at colouring in a Tilda stamped image I had with watercolour pencils then adding water with her huuuuge paint brush lol... turned out rather great really considering the size of the brush

Son-of-mine aged 11 had a go at throwing ingredients into a bowl to make cakes Like Mummy Does but it seems he needs more practise! Far too much sugar made them flat but they tasted like candy floss..num num :)

..and little Myz again made In The Night Garden biscuits.... nummy

..and here's what happened when mummy tried to use Little Myz' paint brush to add water... rather a worse job than a 4 year old could do... so I'll crawl back in my cave for a few more days I think.... I'm running out of stamped images cos I keep ballsing them up!.... it's getting expensive hehe. Still haven't worked out how to edit the page so it doesn't look scrappy...I keep previewing and moving til it looks ok then publish but Blogger doesn't publish the way it just showed me in preview usually!!!!! lol

See you again when I venture back out of my pit

*hugs* to those who need them

G xxxx


  1. Little Myz's image reminds me of Rainbow Brite. Love it! How clever and talented are your kids? Candyfloss biscuits. Yummy!

    With my piccies I gave up trying to do them all fancy and now just upload all of them to be in the centre LOL! Fancy and me don't get along.

    My little goth girl stamp arrived the other day (Mary) - let me know if you would like some images of her. ;) I can't do you the angel/fairy yet as I still haven't worked out the mounting bit on that one.

    Big ninja-in-training huggles to you *g*

  2. MMmmmcandy floss cakes! The imges look great, looks likeyou are being a positive role model on little Myz.

  3. Come stop by my blog for a little surprise ;)

    Hope you're ok! Been unusually quiet :P

  4. She is fabulously talented, I love her colour scheme :) I hope you will make something gorgeous with your images soon x