Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Little Myz and her new Peppa Pig stamps she got for her birthday....

Feeling really 'Meh' card wise at the moment... don't know if it's a regular thing with people that make cards but I am really enthusiastic...I really want to make cards....but whatever I make just
doesn't seem right... it's really annoying.....

The cards look like they would be Little Myz's rejects or something..... do you think maybe it's because I had to make sooo many cards for people over the past few weeks that I'm All Carded Out? lol.... does anyone else get times like this?

....or is it only me?

I'm just glad we didn't all get washed away yesterday...wasn't that a really huge amount of rain?? All of our square was underwater (well the car bit was!) but this morning it was all gone... very spooky....


  1. Not being a cardmaker - I can't really comment about that side but my mojo definitely goes AWOL regularly and I just sit and look at my shelves and wonder what I'm doing. You are so not alone. My friend who is a cardmaker says exactly the same thing as you and often. ;) However I still demand my Alice Cooper b'day card from her every year *g*

    BTW - is that the Tinkerbell 'do'? Sooooo cute! :P

  2. yes you can get carded out!!! i make cards as and when but try to be a few months in advance!

  3. Yes, Carmen, that#'s the 'do' but it should look much better than that....we get 'stress hair' when we're crafting as we run our fingers through it so much lol... Alee81, not been making cards that long so haven't got that far ahead yet but I really chose the wrong time to start as once you send someone a home-made card everyone expects them and the past 3 weeks I've needed 10 cards :0

  4. I've had a phase of 'card-block' recently - I found it helped to print off some stamped images and spend a couple of hours just colouring in. Either they then inspire you to make a card, or at least you have a stash of ready-coloured images for when your mojo returns!
    BTW, the Little Miss Sunshine card is my favourite - very sunny and happy x

  5. Thanks cazsmum... I have a few Tilda images I bought that I might sit there and have a play with later.... as for the little miss sunshine one it started with the flower I found in my stash and thought...oooh....Sunshine...so i guess I do have thoughts sometimes ;)