Friday, 17 July 2009

End of term craftiness! .. and Smiley Bears!

Not sure what's up with me at the moment, but tried to jolt myself out of it making some more cards to give to Little Myz's teachers.

We did rather well I think on some, not so well on others.

Then we turned our attentions to the long stringy shiny plastic lace things that we had in a bundle and I decided to try to make Little Myz some little bracelets... well, she was impressed and that's what counts lol ...

I managed to find the place selling the Smiley Bears decoupage I wanted at the lowest price so was glad to have those arrive too... they seem to be selling the whole range cheaper so maybe once I get some more money together I'll buy myself the other 2 sets :) ... we'll see how these go first!!!! ..... Get Yours Here

So here's hoping I can cattle prod my way out of this...I hate feeling like this and we have the whole holiday stretching out in front of us yet! lol......

*hugs* to those of you out there who need them and ninja *hugs* to Carmen who's just a star :) xxxxx


  1. Lovely cards Myz, and gosh those Scoubidou bracelets take me back! My DD made a squillion things with them..I coul dnever keep the instructions in my head! You did well!

  2. Aw I loves my ninja hugs I do :D

    Blimming scoubies - never knew what to do with them. Devon ended up with boxes of the things and used to torment my sisters cat with them *g*

    That first card is really unusual, I've never seen that technique before. Did the teachers love them?

  3. I think it's called Stackerpage... instead of getting part of the image you just make it smaller and smaller...The first card was my fave too ...apparently the teachers adored them, wasn't well enough to get to the school today so missed son's Leaver's Assembly.. *sniff* ... what's a scoubidou? LOL.. the laces just came in a packet that said fun something so I just decided to plait some. I did try to make a nice friendship bracelet but these things curl so I'll maybe get my cross stitch threads and do some that way. Don't think the horrid weather helps the way I feel either... we have a lake outside our house! lol ... but hubby drove in and picked us up and I spent my £20 Magnum pleasure card on papercraft mags...mmmmmmmmmmm