Thursday, 25 February 2010

Oh Noes (revisited!)

That'll teach me! :(

I have some circle and oval nesties but have been trying to get hold of square ones for a while now... I had a budget of £10 so far and yesterday I was so excited to see some cuttlebug scallop squares on auction... So paid my £7-20 and waited excitedly for the postie...

I thought well, I don't get 6, but 4... and I don't know the size but they have to be nearly the same as the wizard nesties right?...

Um... wrong :(

..they arrived today..

I'm sure I'll laugh about this soon but at the moment I'm feeling so stupid... if there isn't enough info in the auction I usually google what it is but I was so tired and the auction was due to close in about 5 mins.. I took a chance...

...and it bit me on the arris!



G xxx


  1. Oooh what a painful place to be bit! Don't worry I've done dafter. Like paying way over the odds for what I thought was a 1st edition Anne Rice Interview With the Vampire book.... only to find it was just the dustjacket. Feel stoopid? Uh huh! Who sells just a dustjacket? *grumble*

    For future ref, might have changed but when I had a Cuttlebug the dies were all roughly that size... not much bigger.

    *huggles* to my daftie :)

  2. I just feel so so stupid... now I have to save up all over again for them


  3. Can't you resell those ones?

  4. Could do...but I just know they'd go for £2


  5. You may feel daft now, but really if you don't know, you don't know! Bet you end up using them a kerjillion times - because you thinkyou should after you got them and didn't really want them and KAPLUIE! suddenly they're really useful!

  6. Blimey, I've made loads of stupid purchases on ebay when i was caught up in a moment of excitement and either not reading the blurb properly or asking the seller a question before placing a bid! You could re-sell them if you don't want them x