Monday, 22 February 2010


At the beginning of Half Term, Little Myz was on at me to craft with her as she hadn't crafted for 'sooo long!' ... i,e, 2 days iirc!

Aaaanyway I knew she had some coloured clay that she got from a magazine so had the idea I could sit on the sofa and craft some stuff with it and we could put them in the oven...maybe make little embellies for cards....

So I asked Little Myz to search it out from her room and we'd give it a go

Here's mine

Here's hers

Sooo we then put them in the oven... who knew they were plasticine?????

LOL gave us a laugh I guess :)

G xxx


  1. Now that's something I would do :P So you had a lovely plasticene smelling house did you? Haven't played with that stuff in years!

  2. It reeked! ... but not having put clay in the oven before I thought that was how it was supposed to smell- lol d'oh! :)

  3. ...weeeeirdly though when it had cooled down it went back into plasticine and we could work it a lot better than originally... spooky lol.... we left it out 2 days on the side and it was still soft...maybe oven-baking cures it somehow? hehe

  4. pmsl . omg i bet it stank the place out. I can just picture you both now.

  5. Lol - thats something I would do!!