Sunday, 21 February 2010

I loves my Carmen!

Carmen sent me a mega gorgeous RAK last week ... the duckie made me cry... it's so so so lovely and it's already shoved some photos out of my display cabinet as I want to keep him happy... I can see him from where I sit in my living room... he cheers me up no end :) ..... how the nuts does that woman do it though? I wish I were half as inventive!!!!

The cross stitch bracelet I'll make as soon as I have discovered how to cross stitch it without making too much mess at the back... I'll give crochet a go whenever I find out what yarn to use... do you use special or is it just wool? I don't have the foggiest lol.....


You make me cry but usually in a very happy way ;)


G xxx


  1. They look lovely - that duck is amazing!!

  2. Well that's ok cause you make me cry... usually in a happy way too (when did I make you cry in a sad way?? Eek!)

    Glad you like duckie :D How can you say you wish you were inventive after posting that valentines card?? Nutty woman!

    Love you too *hugs*

  3. LOL you aren't cruel or anything... I just cry sometimes because I see what beautiful things you create and feel upset I can't... nothing major, just me being a tit as usual :) xxxx

  4. You are seriously mental woman! That top secret, hush hush project I got a sneaky glimpse of yesterday is possibly one the coolest craft projects I've seen EVER! I need to have a word with duckie as he is obviously not making you 'believe' enough ;)Seriously you could sell that!

  5. LOL what I texted you yesterday is a work-in-progress- not a project yet. ... and as I said just text so nowt special but I really like the idea of some on my wall :)

  6. Ooohh what a lovely friend you have xxx

  7. Definitely - I would buy one. Nudge, nudge, etsy store!

  8. LOL... I'm always amazed at the amount people charge.. like those make tea not war ones.. if my hands were behaving I could churn out 5 of those at least per day... £20??!!?? does anyone actually buy them? hehe..... and why would you buy one of my survival rules anyway? You haven't even seen Zombieland hehe... having probs trying to make the font look 'blood'y... iyswim? .. I don't think the font I showed you would be 'fun' enough :(