Friday, 5 February 2010

Kanban dress-up bears

Not sure why I'm blogging these (ok I do, Little Myz has been driving me mad asking when she's going to see them up here! lol...

I bought some seconds of Kanban dress-up bears to keep Little Myz happy and last weekend she spent ages carefully cutting them out and having a play

You can see hers here

I also had a play, as you can see below... as she insisted... it was rather fun but due to a few wobbles a few of the blighters lost their heaads (poor sods) so they are in the bin and didn't make the photo hehe

As you can see there is a horse and 2 hippos there too as I noticed one of the misprints on the back had them on.. I love hippos! You don't see enough hippos!




  1. As Lil Myz seems to like colouring, animals and dressing them how about printing some of these off for her I remember having a doll like them when I was little.

  2. Orf with their heads... you did that deliberately really didn't you? You should have kept the chopped up ones for some grizzly Halloween cards :P

    These are very cute!

  3. oohhh aren't these just so cute :)

  4. How cute are them bears - and they have clothes!!!!!