Friday, 5 February 2010

I think I found my mojo!

Yes! It's true!

I think I found my mojo! Right behind the baked beans in Tesco!

...well ok no I haven't been to the shops, last week's hour-long trip to the pound shop (my first 'out of our small town' trip in months besides hospital appts) went so swimmingly and excitingly I'm still not over it hehe

Thanks to the great Carmen I have found the most unsavoury delights of Subversive cross stitch!

... I have already made my first project and am keen to start my second but having a bit of a shaky day so maybe I'll just plan today :)

..but my mojo is well and truly back!... so I don't care about my health, that can come and go as it pleases....I'll have something to do for quite a while to come whenever I have the strength

..although can't really post them here....

This is the half finished project ;)

I can only say that the words on the project are very complimentary to a man lol

....anyone know of an 18 plus blog site? ;)






  1. Yaaaaay! I can't wait to see what you create! You can post it on here you know. I think if you are worried you can put a naughty words disclaimer at the top of your post or if you go into settings, there is a box to tick for adult content you naughty woman you! :D

    Show us, show us, show us!

  2. Just seen the added picture - can't believe how quickly you did that - it's brilliant :D

    Show us more!

  3. I have so few hits to my blog I don't think I want to limit it to 18 plus lol....

    Most of my stuff isn't saucy! for 'show Us More!' shame on you! This is a family blog! :P

    ....I'll text you it when it's framed :)


  4. Show us! The cockerel is brilliant..we know where it's gona go, we're grown ups...have you read my article about the bo***cks machine? You can do it!

  5. Hm maybe I can start another blog for naughty stuff... my next idea I think is so funny but it's really rude lol

  6. btw bo***cks isn't nearly as bad as most of the stuff I have planned lol

  7. I've come for a visit from UKS..and I have the subversive cross-stitch book! My son bought it for me while we were on holiday because most of the words in the book were the ones he used to describe holidaying with his parents lol.

  8. Hello Sian! :)

    ooh I don't actually have the book... yet :)

    Currently working on something with chunky letters, teddies..and a naughty word lol....

  9. Oh! I've just followed that link and now I think I NEED to have that book! NEED!