Thursday, 18 March 2010


Thanks for all your good wishes this week.. I hope I'm back to 'Normal' soon lol
...well My Normal :) .. i.e. not *always* dizzy and wobbly and not-very-crafty-at-all


Since it's my birthday next week I think I'll just take it easy til then..probably not post
or anything, so that I can be As Well As I Can Be come the 25th...

I'll be blog hopping my heart out when I can so watch out for me popping onto your
blogs... maybe even commenting, lol

If I manage to make anything I'll take photos so when I'm back 'n bouncy again I'll post them all so I'll look really active ;) ....

*big hugs* to the Feeling Poorlies out there

*huge hugs* to the people that are keeping me laughing .. You Know Who You Are...

*remainder hugs* to everyone else, as I don't want to leave anyone out :)

G xxx


  1. Hi Honey - just popped by as I haven't in a while. Sending lots of get well and birthday wishes. I love reading your thoughts and seeing your creations. Just seen the challenge post too - I think you have to make what comes to you and see them as little pieces of art which can't be ranked because they are personal. I think there are many great artists but I'm not sure I like the art always. Random is the way to go and having fun.

    Sorry this is way too long! Sending sun and warmth to you. Hugs Cherry XXX

  2. Rest up Gail :) And watch out for Mr Postman next week :) How old is it now? 22? 24? :P

  3. Hi Gail, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog and i wish you all the luck with the blog candy.
    I once stayed at Catterrick when my cousin was in the army many years ago.
    Just wondering if you would be interested getting some of your craft friends around and me and a friend could come and do a SU party and you would be able to earn your self some goodies etc.
    This type of thing maybe does not interest you but its a good way of making your craft stash grow, by joining a weekly/ monthly club etc.
    Hope you have a good weekend luv Paula