Thursday, 4 March 2010


After umming and ahh'ing for years I finally decided to give crochet a go.... After all I can cross stitch and make passable cards sometimes... how difficult could it be?... it turned out it was very difficult...I couldn't grasp the idea at all by looking at photos people had posted online..I can't 'get' things that way..I have to either experiment myself or see someone do it to 'copy.

Then someone told me about Mikey

..things finally made sense!

This morning I decided to take the bull by the horns and give it a go after seeing Mikey's video above... and who knows when my hands will be all shaky again and I'm sure it will be worse then ... I have visions of flying crochet hooks like I 'flip' peas from my fork sometimes.......

...Ok, so my first attempt is crud...dropped stitches at the ends mostly .... but here it is... lol...

Little Myz' teddy loves it! rofl!

Ok so... those of you who have seen My Naughty Work on Carmen's blog can see.... I really am wholesome...sometimes ;)




G xxx


  1. LOL! You do make me laugh, which at the mo, aint good as it starts me coughing so pack it in *g* Love the colour, can't see any cruddiness, honestly did you see my first attempt a few months back?? The stitches were all different sizes were I kept going to tight or to loose.

    Wholesome... s'cuse me while I have another coughing fit...

  2. That looks great, much better than my knitting attempt xxx

  3. That looks like one snuggly ted

  4. well i must say i think that this is smashing work you are getting there .dont for get subcride to all mikeys videos and you will have areal good laugh he is on face book as well you will with all your friends enjoy his video s. i am really pleased to see your work and im very greatfull that you invited me to look i am very honoured and very pleased for you before you know it you ll be sellin blankets .please keep in touch would love to keep contact with you all the best lizxxx