Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Failed Experiment

I wanted to make a nice bright card... so I did, but ringing in my ears were all the times people said to me

'Be less measured'
'Be more spontaneous'
'OMG you're so tightly wound, take a chill pill!'

..ok , so the last person was a bit blunt lol....

So I had all the bits ready to stick and I thought 'Attack! Attack! Attack it with your craft knife'

...so I did....

....and this is the result...

...fail fail fail...

Epic fail!

Next time I'll just do my measured and safe approach... the only thing that got distressed the other day was me ;)


G xxx


  1. Erm... it looks like you measured to me missus! :P You are just as bad as me but opposite - I come out in a rash if anything has to be organised and neat ;)

  2. Gail I really like that card!, please tell me whats wrong with it coz I cant see it myself :)

  3. What's wrong with that it's brilliant and those colours are fab.