Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Son-of-Mine birthday card and Crafty Ribbons Challenge

Finally finished son-of-mine's birthday card, which is great considering it's only tomorrow lol

I hadn't a clue what to make it with though, until I saw these on the lapashe site

I'd done Flippin' Christmas ones, Flippin' Men and Flippin' Women but the Flippin' Teenagers are Summink Else! lol.... there's a hippy one there too, as well as images of teenagers more drawn to The Side Of Dark Coloured Clothes... :)

Wish I hadn't written on there in a hurry though but he'll love it all the same!

I saw a challenge on the Crafty Ribbons site last week and got all excited and joined... before I realised I just didn't have a clue what to do..... we have to make 2 things at least for them so I'm trying to do 3 so that they can discard the more rubbish of the three.... I'm really worried about it actually.....

*bites fingernails*

Watch this space.....



  1. Love the card and so will he :D

    Stop biting your nails, that's my job... oh wait, no, I'm supposed to be stopping that! I've seen your ribbon bits and I love them. Don't make me get angry at you - it's a bliddy long way to drive just to shake you about a bit!

  2. Brilliant card, your son's going to love it!!!

  3. They aren't Carmen... have you *seen* the efforts sent in by people on all the previous challenges? I really should have thought before I emailed :0

  4. Ah, you have fallen into my 'being challenged by a challenge' syndrome..blogged about it couple days ago. Remember two things: you joined because you liked the idea and the ideas inspired you. Stay with your style, do YOUR thing - it's why challenges are there, so everyone can see how other people do it. Don't try and copy a style or make something for a million other people to like. Just you. Simples! The birthday card is great...love the idea of teenagers on the side of dark clothing...and if Carmen's winning, she wouldn't drive to shake you, she'd be scratching you, surely!!!

  5. Well they are all done- not sure about the etiquette so maybe I'll leave it til they have them. 2 cards and a sweety bag lol.... Carmen has seen them and didn't die laughing so maybe I didn't do sooo badly :P ... I wish someone would come here and shake me about a bit.... humahn contact would be great, crafty human contact would be greater-er ;)