Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Hello Kitty - Create and Craft

LOL I promised some of you to upload this ages ago but I couldn't work out how to get it off my phone as it had hidden it....

I love Nancy... I want her here to be my craft buddy! WAH!...... in fact I'd actually like anyone as a craft buddy.... Little Myz wants to craft in fits and starts according to what's on TV or whether she wants to play outside or not.... so she isn't reliable lol....

LOL how crawly was I in that email they read out?

....the card arrived a few weeks later and the front had fallen off!!!! In an identical one she made on the show Nancy explained you couldn't just use tape on top of the glitter card as it probably wouldn't stick too well... and what had been used on the topper..?... I bet it wasn't My Nancy that made it... prob someone else ;)

... Little Myz was really upset so I have to try to fix it at some point I guess... hehe's the one and only time I have ever emailed in though... I couldn't handle the stress of doing it again hehe..... Little Myz loves watching 'Her Clip' again and again...and again now she can watch it online hehe...



  1. Oooh how cool is that ?!!!

    Did mummy let her have a cake ? lol

  2. wow so they really do send stuff out even if it does take weeks to reply! I have had a couple of cards where dst has failed! Really disappointing from an expert mind u!! Thanks for sharing xxx

  3. Chocolate Orange- actually that's sort of funny.... when we were watching it on TV she muttered NO I DON'T WANT A CAKE! ...and every time we see it she shouts at her that she *TOLD* her she didn't want a cake so shut up lol

    Dennise makes me laugh...she keeps going on about her brother Dennis who lives in San Francisco and wants to be Dennise.... not sure whether she's pulling our legs.... prob not lol ....

  4. Furrypig yes the actual Hello Kitty stuff took weeks as well! .... but the card took even longer!?!?.... spooky stuff....

    ...and I like to think Nancy didn't make the card that was sent to us as the duplicate one she made on air she didn't use double sided tape so maybe was made by someone not in the know? lol