Saturday, 23 January 2010

Crafty Ribbons Challenge #11


Not been with it at all recently :( - still bit shaky and stuff (not good for cutting and crafting lol)

So to keep you going (and laughing lol) here are my efforts for the crafty ribbons challenge I was sent the ribbons for... managed to finish these at my defense I was sent contemporary when I said traditional so... that's why they are ... not my crafting abilities (or lack of) at all! ;)

Wasn't sure what to do with different colours other than the 'usual' red so looked through my paltry stash and found green and yellowy card stock... it sort of worked (but I think not quite lol)

I found an orange butterfly so though woohooo this will do hehe

We were supposed to make 2 things so I thought I'd make 3 so they had the option of 'losing' one lol....

Mmmmm Haribo heart sweeties!

So there it is :) least I finally got it done and for me I thought I did rather well lol...




  1. Hello you!!! I dont knwo what you are on about they look great - well done!!

  2. I agree with Ali, in fact Craig is when of your biggest card fans. Don't tell him I told you though ;)

    These are all fabulous and I doubt they will 'lose' any of them :o)