Sunday, 3 January 2010

RIP poor next-door poochie :(

Next door's poor little sausage dog had to be put to sleep at the end of last year- she'd been suffering so much that it was obviously The Thing To Do but no easier all the same :(

I made them this card and agonised over the insert...I started with a whole host of condolences and threw away sooo many of them as they didn't feel 'right' and finally settled on a simple one....

...... it's always a blow to have to buy a condolence card but this is my first I ever made....



  1. That's a beautiful card Myz and the sentiment made me cry it's so thoughtful x

  2. You are so lovely to make such a beautiful card, wish you lived next door to me x

  3. I wish you lived next door to me too.... you seem to have such gorgeous stash I could 'borrow it' lol xxxx

  4. Great card I always love Sunflowers as they're a bright, happy flower and cheer you up x

  5. It's gorgeous and just perfect Gail all the more perfect that you made it for them.