Thursday, 9 July 2009

Blog Candies

Today I have been introduced to the many many generous people that have blog candies on their blog. They give away loads of things out of the goodness of their hearts, just to make other people's days... When i have more of a craft stash together I'll probably give it a go myself.. there would probably be an excellent chance of winning as there aren't many people that come here- we are like an exclusive club.. all drawn together because we love coming here, looking at my cards, and saying WOW I'm great at crafting, cos look at hers!!!! ;) ... so stick with me you could be a winner...will prob be a while yet though so you have to have staying power ;)

I think I have done the links on the right ok so you can click on them and have a look at all the gorgeousness that is out there.. Carmen has told me how I should be able to put pics there so I may do that when I get a break from looking at all the loveliness that is out there...but I think there are so many generous people that I wouldn't be able to fit it all on if it all had pics as well! :0

Would you like to see the silliness Little Myz and I got up to yesterday afternoon?... well you are going to anyway! :p... We were playing with my Sizzix flower shapes and decided they looked too flat so we threw them through the crinkle mangle thing I have and here's what we got hehe... she did just as well as me so that either makes her very mature or me very immature.... how mature my daughter is!!! hehe ... anyway we decided it's A Good Thing that they were crinkly..they really did look boring without :)


  1. Oi stop putting down your cards - they're great so pack it in or I'll send the kids round to sort you out. Or to stay a while - actually that would be meaner ;)*g*

    I love the effect on your flowers - they almost look like those pinwheels don't they.

  2. Hi,Just like to thank you for entering my candy and wish you good luck in the draw :)
    The flowers look lovely too :)
    Hugzz Val xxx