Thursday, 14 October 2010

Woooooooooooooo hoooooooooo

I sold some cards...I sold some cards...what did I sell?

..some cards!

They were £1 cards but I gavc her 5 for £4 cos I'm nice like that ;)

Ok was to same woman that bought my cards last time but now I'm getting off my bum...(well instead of she's finding out for me ;) ) .. and one day soon... I may.... book a table at an event and try to sell stuff!!!!!!!!

Have already thought ahead to if I'm having a bad day on the day of the same, having paid loads for a table, and asked son-of-mine whether he would come too

...he say yeah!!!!!

He's continually showing his mates the cards and saying they are 'awesome' and so do his friends, but I feared that they may well be doing so as if they told me the cards were shite I'd fall into a quivering heap onto the floor and rock back and forth...

Not been having a great day and Little Myz had her friend over for a few hours after school so spent most of it in bed 'Preparing for The Onslaught' lol....

Finished off two things though... might post them in a sec.. if my camera will decide to give up the photos! lol

Grumpy Fairy tried to come back earlier as didn't feel well at all, but Myz fairy kicked her ass out of the house :)

*hugs* to you all

*special hugs* to those poorly or with need for more huggingtons