Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hello Christmas!

Made all these at some point over the past 10 days... after making all those toppers the other week it's really great to be able to just stick without having to faff! I don't like to faff as I don't get enough crafty time as it is what with one thig and another so i sacrifice a few days for Faff so I can enjoy the rest of the mth lol

This one was my favourite...not sure why :)

These ones middling...

These ones boring-but-ok hehe

I made the backing papers by scanning the toppers into my pc .. some worked better than others :)

They'll probably get some little Merry Christmas stickers on when I can buy some... maybe not I'll see how the mood takes me :)

..and this one snuck in under the radar as it's not Christmas at all but wanted to be made with her sisters ;)

Hope you like them..


G xxx


  1. These are all very cute, great cards. Jaqui x

  2. These are so cute! I love Kitty

  3. great cards, I love kitty images

  4. Oh how clever with the backing papers! I never would have thought of that! Loving these Kitty cards :P Love Kitty. I'm waiting for you to draw fangs on her and do a TB card ;)

  5. These are absolutely brilliant!! my grandaughter would love these. Very clever of you to make the backing papers too x

  6. Fab cards, I need to make more Christmas cards x