Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Present from Myz Fairy


We just got a call to say we won a PS3 about 20 mins after my last post

Thanks Myz Fairy! I'll continue thinking positive ;) was from JULY though so that goes to show things take MONTHS to get sorted out!

..and please, those of you with the Grump Fairy on your shoulder please don't comment about how lucky i am... I won once per 1000 competitions i entered last year (and a 'win' can be a set of stickers lol) so go enter 1000 come back and if you still don't win even a silly thing then bookmark this and comment with your grump fairy as much as you like ;)

Oooh Myz Fairy is getting sassy with what she's telling me to write..I'd better go ;)

Myz Fairy has sprinkled dust over all of you so whetever you need hopefully you'll get it... note: I said need not want ;)


(LOL I think I've found an outlet for Subversive Myz... if someone says something mean or nasty I think I'll let 'Her' reply in future ;) )



  1. Ooooh I like sassy Myz! You jammy lucky mare you! *ducks* I get the same comments when I say I've won stuff. Mind you - I was stupidly STUPIDLY happy with my book win this week - Craig just left me to my gradually louder WOOHOO's :P Can't beat zombies and trekkies ;)

    Very, VERY well deserved win - obviously Myz Fairy has kicked Grump Fairy's butt today ;)

  2. Whoo Hoo the Myz Fairy is kicking butt!! The Grump fairy is down for the count!!! Happy PS3ing!!!! Jaqui x

  3. Grump Fairy can STFU I'm not listening! lol


  4. Excellent news! A well deserved win, I have total respect for you entering so many competitions, I just havent got the patience or motivation to enter so many - you have sheer determination.

  5. What a great win, hope you have lots of fun playing with it!