Friday, 24 September 2010

Hello Kitty

All clear at docs this morning....felt a bit upset as if it was Fixable I could maybe feel a bit better right now but everything treatable was within normal levels :( ...actual blood count ok, coeliac test fine, iron fine, cholesterol fine..... then I thought hey a lot of my family have high cholesterol and I don't.... so at least This Thing, although it's cast a shadow over more than half my life, isn't life threatening (*), just a total *pain* when I can't go anywhere!.....'s only....

ONE SLEEP TO CARMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To take my mind off the excitement of tomorrow and stop myself doing stupid sapping clearing up I took the toppers I had previously made from the kit I got from Create and Craft last year,

added it to the stickers I bought stuck to card, some die cut bits of whatever stash I could get my hands on that 'went' with the stuff and my luvverly new ribbons and decided to take Little Myz' advice and Just Do It.... not think about whether it was 'right' and Just Do It..... some worked, some didn't ;)

This... did *not* !!!!

I liked these ones

Sort-of-liked these

...that kitty on a bike sticker is *huge*

I like to think this Kitty is having a burp...

This was made with my Hello Kitty punch which is goodness-knows-where (I'd made the ribbon last year I think!) :(

Jury is out on these:

The tag and ribbons one may look better when the glue dries but I doubt it!... going to file it under What Was I Thinking I think...

...It was fun to have a play though

Yeay Carmen coming tomorrow!!!!


G xxx

(*) well...unless I fall under a car dizzy or something but that's Not Going To happen ;)


  1. aw, these are nice cards, very cute!
    If you join Craft Companions and become a member (free) every month they send out a news letter and there's freebies to download, A few Beatrix Potter being one of them!

    or maybe just this bit..

  2. Thanks :)

    I'm already a member but didn't know that. I have some CC cds but the blockbuster thing is all die cuts and stuff...a lot easier lol...



  3. oooh hello kitty. she is so cute.

  4. Great cards, you have been busy. Love hello kitty bits!

  5. Having now seen these in the flesh so to speak (oh yes I has) I can say how marvelous they are up close! They are really lovely Gail :)

    How many sleeps till March?

  6. Too many sleeps til March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!