Thursday, 16 September 2010

Crafty Ribbons Christmas stuff

Was waiting a bit before I posted these on here but they seem not to have arrived at their destination as of today and if I don't post em I'll forget lol... you know I'll forget!

Made these with some Crafty Ribbons Christmassy ribbons. Nowt special but it's the best a Myz can do... so that makes them perfick :p

Made this wreath and hadn't a clue what to do with it lol so card it was:

This hanging thing caused a lot of problems as it's see through but I guess it should always be against something so you shouldn't see straight through it? ;)

The main part is *very* wide ribbon!

I was half way through this when I thought 'Just a mo this isn't working' lol but I seem to have turned it around... ish ;)

I seem to be stuck on hanging things as my 3rd and final effort was a hanging cross stitch... thing ;)

I nearly took that back out of the parcel as I love him sooo much he's so cute lol

So as I said not earth shattering but the Best I Can Do So They Are Triffic :P


G xxx


  1. I'd have kept the cross stitch! It's gorgeous.

  2. Fab makes - well done on using that xtra wide ribbon, I'm still struggling with mine! Infact tbh I've shoved back in the bag and moved onto the thinner stuff. Oh and your a braver/more generous woman than I, as there's no way that lil penguin would be going anywhere, he's way too cute x

  3. All gorgeous work Gail and I'm agreed, penguin would have stayed *g*

  4. Beautiful work Gail. That penguin is cute too. *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~