Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Christmas cards

...otherwise known as 'Christmas Stash Not on my Workdesk Wednesday'

Not all the Christmas Mess that was there for weeks...., dont you know, it's THREE SLEEPS TO CARMEN??!!????

We have to have a table that we can mess up



LOL ... all my Christmas stash is back in the box and I took a photo of Christmas Cards So Far..


Not very many but i hope to get it all out again After Carmen.... and maybe even make more than 2 per week this time!!! hehe... darn those subversive cross stitches taking up all my crafty time! ;)

Unless I get out my hello Kitty stuff...... I took delivery today for my NEW RIBBONS!!!

Very bargainous Ebaytasticness from Raggy.Doll on Ebay....

I loves a bargain I does... spesh since stupid benefits people still haven't sorted out Mr Myz' claim! *growl*

I've been trying to sell my kids without luck so I'm going to resort to Selling My Soul On Ebay, as you do....

Ooh I really love those ribbons!!!

...I'm going to have to refrain from playing with them though...I haven't even started to think about what I'm cooking for dinner....

Mr Myz gets home in 2 hours

...start The Countdown Music.......



G xxx


  1. Ohhhhhh can't talk for drool over those ribbons! Um num num!

    You are doing way, way, way better than me on the Christmas card front I have maaaaade... nil!

    Nor have I made Christmas pressy I was going to have all ready to bring up so postie couldn't damage/nick it. Will get harse into gear tomorrow!

  2. Well done on all that Christmas cardmaking, I feel like I need to make a start on mine now.

    Sarah (57)

  3. Shall I tell you half were left over from last year?

    No, better not, it makes me look better if you think I made them all recently....


  4. I really DO need to start thinking about my cards now..... have a great time with Carmen.

  5. Carmen- don't worry about it... the curry you'll eat on Saturday is my Xmas prezzie to you!!!!

    ...Scrooge eat yer heart out ;)


  6. Food is the way to this girls heart! Couldn't be a better pressie. Loves my curry!

  7. Wow, such lovely cards and ribbons!

  8. Good for you on getting a headstart on Christmas! I wish I could say the same...


  9. i love a bargain too! wow, you have made a lot of Christmas cards! happy WOYWW from #37

  10. Great cards and ribbons. Have fun with Carmen, bet it's a madhouse with the two of you under the same roof!

    Brenda (88)

  11. I need those ribbons!!!
    have a good woyww, sorry I'm sooo late


  12. You're right. Those ribbons are worth selling yourself for, I LOVE 'em! Don't be scared baout Carmen coming...I've met her. She's every bit the nutter you think she is. And lovely to boot. You've made loads of card - 2 a week out of season sounds good to me.

  13. Lovely stash of ribbon! My Daughter would go wild for it

    Thanks for sharing Hugs Candace #43

  14. By now I assume your "three sleeps" are over and your friend is visiting. That ribbon is awesome. I can see why you were in lust, oops I mean LOVE with it. Sorry I'm so late this week. I really have little excuse, especially since I'm #2.