Monday, 24 May 2010

I sold a card!

I sold a card! I sold a card! A card I sold!

What did I sell? A CARD???!!??????

LOL.... I've got so used to people commissioning a card then not bothering to pay or even tell me! people looking through my card box and saying ooh save that one for me... which I do... and they never bother to buy it!

It's the one with the flower mum and 60 on it.... £2

Two pounds!

I got cash in my purse!!!!???!!!

LOL off to lay down with a cold bottle of water now..... tiring enough getting Little Myz to school but all this other excitement too! ... at least it's only due to get to 19 degrees today- London said THIRTY! thanks! They can keep it!




  1. Congrats! Thats put a smile on your face for the day :) xx

  2. Brilliant news. It WAS a lovly card. It's boiling here - me no likey, staying indoors!

  3. Well done you. Lovely and hot here, thinking about packing up tea and going on the beach later ;0)

  4. Well done. And stop letting the others get away with're not a pushover really. LOVING the you sit by the fridge.

  5. yay - the drinks are on you!!! x

  6. Well still waiting . When are you going to open a shop? lol

  7. Shop is just hasn't got anything in it :P