Friday, 21 May 2010

Grrrrrr Stoopid life


....just as you think nothing can get worse it does.... life really trying to test me right now so I decided to get my head down and make some 60th birthday cards.. it's my mum's at end of June and someone's asked me to make her one for her mum with 'no love, but 60 on it'

Not sure whether she'd want either of these but I think they turned out ok

This one was made with the Crafter's Companion spring/summer papers and alphabet

This one has flowers on it that look nice and chubby (but still fit in envelope! yeay!)

As I said, just playing about to take my mind off things... in The Good Old Days I'd have had a huge scrub of the house but at the moment even walking is a bit of a wobble-fest (and not only because I'm ten tonne tessie! ;) ) so I can't imagine what scrubbing would do to the feebleness that is my bod right now!

Didn't really work so I made a cheesecake you can see here.. Slimming World friendly and the whole load only 'costs' 1 HExB .... champion!

..I think the cheesecake did the trick .... for a bit.... then later when it wears off I'll be attacking the other one... maybe ;)


*special hugs to my bezzy crazy-mate*


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  1. :) Crafting definitely helping me too today. Been all rebel like and stamped with paint and my uber expensive Tim Holtz stamps. Squidgy messy fun! Ink pads? Pah who needs 'em?

    Those cards are gorgeous. Just right for this weather too.

    Thanks for today hunny bunny. You've been a star. Off to check out this cheese cake now :P