Monday, 30 November 2009

Various craftiness

I'm sure I haven't blogged any of these before, but please forgive me if I have.... lol

I really *really* made a hash of my first coaster calendars as I just can't work out how to make the edges look less, well, crud... :(

Today I had a flash of inspiration (makes a change from all the perspiration! lol) and decided to stickle the edges to hide the cruddiness on said coasters, which I don't have a clue why I hadn't thrown away yet, lol.... do you know ...I think it sort of worked....

Next is my shiny shiny M and C ... covered with loads of Anita's and supposed to be stuck on a card...will they ever make it?

Couple of Christmas cards I don't think you've seen yet.....

...and last but not least (as far as time-taken-so-far-and-they-still-aren't-blooming-done is concerned) ... my weird attempt at pots of gold..... they started life as mayonnaise/coffee/pasta jars and still look as they always did... will they make it for this Christmas? .... or will my family be eating them all come the New Year? I haven't touched even one Ferrero Rocher!... Such A Good Girl....

I have yet to make anything round enough to make tags from, whenever I use Word I just end up in a mess.... maybe someone somewhere sells a pdf they have made? If you know of any let me know lol... or else these beauties won't make it past the starting post..... I can put ribbon round them all I like but I have to cover the words on there lol.. I have tried colouring the tops gold with my gold pens but when dry it just scratches off very easily ... so i thought maybe if I could fashion a round tag, use the nesties to make it look scalloptastic and stuff... maybe they will be passable

Helpy helpety help...please... lol


G xxx


  1. Myz, you could put some fabric over the top then use ribbon to secure the fabric? that would cover the top?

    Some fabby things! xx

  2. Hm I did think of that but then when they took it off to open the jar it would scream MAYONNAISE or PASTA at them? lol....

  3. What about a circle of card stuck on the top with a smaller one of pretty paper on top and round the edge of the lid maybe use some sticky ribbon. You could use the same pretty paper to make a band around the jar with a ribbon and bow to finish it off. use a scalloped circle for a tag maybe attatch with the ribbon bow. IYKWIM Well Done and brilliant recycling xx

  4. For the edges of the coasters you could use an ink pad too. I think they are really lovely. Your Christmas cards are fab, I love the trendy tree xx

  5. Your coasters are gorgeous, love the ribbon to hang them, haven't seen that done before :-)

    Love your christmas cards xxx

  6. The ribbon seemed like a good idea at the time but...everyone has a fridge right?....and where are they going to hang a ribbon one from??!!??..... I shouldn't mess with perfection! lol - also I'm amazed at my Tesco glue stick... my (*new*!!) silicone has all dried out so I used it to stick the magnet on...and it won't budge! Good old Tesco hehe xxxx

  7. Ah but see if people have little kids that like to yank stuff off the fridge and lob it to the dogs they would love a ribboned one for their pinboard wouldn't they? I speak from experience here ;)

    Loving all your creations - you must have the will of a Saint not to scoff at least one Fererro - the pots are making me drool just looking at them :D

  8. Nah not the will of a saint... just the vertigo of a Gail ;) ... by the time I'd finished stuffing the blooming jars I was so dizzy I couldn't face the 'spares' .. in fact they are still in the cupboard lol xxx