Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds....

...Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds....

...Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds....


Obviously on the wrong medication (*) as here are the makes I finished last night lol

Ok so they are a little psychadelic but, as with yesterday's posts, they have been a work in progress for ages so sometimes you just have to grab the bull by it's balls... or something like that.....

...and, yes, I know that the yellow brad is far too big but I have weenie and I have huge...nowt in between and no cash about even for stupid silicone glue so not a clue how I'm to make up any more coasters... that's what I used to stick the paper onto the coasters...agh what am I going to do????

.... I think rest as being wobbly and weak legged as I am at the moment, the ice this morning took me ages to get past but I didn't fall...even once... it did take me half an hour for the 5 min journey though ;p

TREEE!!!!! Little Myz decorated the tree yesterday- it's a work-in-progress as the shelves have to be covered somehow and the table has to be cleared but....

*hugs* to you all, specially you that are feeling poorly.. let's start a poorly club! ...hmm ok let's not I hate whingeing myself so I'll be jiggered if I let anyone else moan about how they are feeling! :P



G xxx

(*) Hmm..... I've not been on any medication for years so it can't be that....so answers on a postcard please....lol.... why do I always clown about when I feel at my worst? It only costs me energy!!!!

EDIT ok can I just add... you know sometimes you can put a few gems in the corner of a card to make it look fabby? Well lots of you use what look like little upside down saucers instead...what are they called? ...are they expensive?...sometimes you don't want to use gems as they are too sparkly but they'd be fabby...but not a clue how to search for them :/


  1. Love all your flowers, keep cracking on and get that Christmas music playing!!! The upside down saucers you mention may be card candy? Craftwork Cards sell it and you get loads for not much £ and if you buy the white ones and have fancy colouring pens you can colour your own. Love the tree, it looks very sparkly x

  2. I think you mean the sequins people use, faceted and coloured, and yes, possibky saucer-esque...this could turn into quite a long game!

  3. It's probably just an upside down saucer on a HOOOOOOOOOmungous card :D No?

    I personally like the big brad but then I'm not a delicate sorta gal :D

    Everyone seems to be putting their decorations up already! Please don't say I have to get under the stairs JUST yet. It's dusty under there. And there be spiders.

  4. Ohhhh.... I thought card candy was what you got when you won a blog candy...oh I really need a dictionary! lol.... YES IT'S CARD CANDY! yeay!!!!!!!!

  5. Fab ideas. There is a little award on my blog for you if you would like it. Thank you for being you. Have a great week. Hugs Cherry XXX

  6. lol at myz. I got some stuff to post to you and sam .if you want some silicone i bought some for a bargain price and haven't even opened one yet lol. i'll pop one in . might take me a day or two .

  7. now look i forgot to say i love the calendars and the flowers . Sam did a fab job of the tree when can she do mine . I hate that job twins usually do it.