Monday, 30 November 2009

Health, an apology and all that jazz...

Apologies in advance if my blog is all over the place for the time being. I have been assured by a few of you (blame them if you don't like it, lol) that it's definitely better to blog as much as I can than forget something as I haven't blogged in two months lol... if that makes sense *sigh*

My brain is foggier than a foggy thing just now and I spend a lot of time in bed or resting on the couch .. although things seem to be improving now... maybe it's my daily mantra

....I have to craft
...I can craft
....I am well enough to craft


Or maybe it's that sometimes I take a tiny walk 'just because'

Here is me excited at one such walk.. one that took about 5 mins I think rofl... but it was 'out'... and I took it to show hubby-of-mine that I was out of the house *and* had on my coat...which is a rare occurrence ;)

Ooh don't I look excited to be out? ;)

..the second photo is my character created on the sims by son-of-mine. I don't actually own a short skirt like that but hubby-of-mine is keen that I should make myself look like the Sim and not vice versa I think ;)

Funny Sim-related happening :

Apparently hubby of mine walks into the Sim house and goes up to the TV and turns onto sport. 2 mins later I come in, sit down and turn it to my channels....!!???


Took all day writing the 2 blogs I'll do today so hope they'll make more sense than I think they will :)


G xxxx


  1. :D :D My sim burnt the Craig sim to death with her hazardous cooking. Lets hope that one doesn't come true :D :D

    Loving seeing you out! LOL - you are bonkers woman!

  2. Son-of-mine says he put me as a Natural Cook so apparently I can't burn houses down with my cooking ;)