Thursday, 4 November 2010

Woo! Earrings!

Sorry for lack of updates- not really been making even cards recently. Saving energy for walking Little Myz to school and then resting so I can pick her up.. wow lovely life! lol

Aaanyway was stuck in bed resting again today and decided to have a play and try to finish my earrings... I bought some stuff over a year ago to have a play with and intended on getting jewellery mags or something as a teacher but I never got round to it. So i thought hey ho look at some you have and see what they look like ...

Those of you that make jewellery please look away now..they have probably not been made 'right' but i don't care I needed to create *something* to make myself feel better lol

So i got a dangly whatnot making sure i had two of them ;)

Attached 2 jump rings:

Saw I had balls from somewhere... wondered how to use them... so put 2 on a bigger jump ring

Nother jump ring and an earing whatsit gots earrings!

Lookee! They even go in some ears! lol

Ok so they are pretty dire and I prob didn't make them as anyone else makes them. I am a 'shove it and see' sorta gal...

...they haven't fallen apart yet tho and I've been wearing them for 30 mins..get in! lol

..and they made me a bit brighter too so go me!

*hugs* and hope I am back to 'My Normal' of at least staying in touch with you all soon.

*more hugs*

G xxxx


  1. Love your ear-rings!! They will stay together, silly girl :o) The 'ball's' have a great design on them.
    Get to making more of them....
    Hugs, Candy

  2. These are gorgeous! I'm partial to silver! Love them. I agree. . . make more!

  3. I felt exactly the same when I sent your bracelet. I'm a shove it and see kinda gal too! Ooer! I've been dreading the day you email me to say it's all fell to bits! ;)

    They is bootiful! I love your technical jargon :P

  4. wowee these are fabby . They won't fall to bits they are fab.