Friday, 12 November 2010

What's making me smile Friday

Going through it a bit at the moment- think I feel worse and more weepy since I can't even play with my craft stuff much :/ .. addict huh? :P

No know what day it is dontchya?...

So delved deep into myself to find a Crunchie Friday Feeling and here it is:

Living room craft stash of Little Myz at beginning of week:

End of week:

Nuff said....

Slow And Steady Wins The Race For A Tidier Living Room.....

..and of course it's Friday which means I can get all my nice rest over the weekend!!!!

Plus Little Myz has been upset for weeks as the class crocodile is given to The Person Who Has Behaved Best That Week (.. or something! ;) ) and she's been upset every week she didn't get it as she hadn't got a clue why not...


Proud Little Myz

Hugglies to the crocster!

Go Little Myz!

So c'mon that has to be good for No Weekend Crying At All eh?

My little baby...awwwww......

Been doing some colouring and a bit of the odd cutting out has been done so hopefully when I get Back On That Horsie it will look like I'm really motoring as sticking takes No Time At All :)

Did I show you these? I forget.... I sometimes save things so I can post when I feel more yuck than usual so people don't notice ;)

I can't show you other coasters as they are Too Naughty For This Blog but they are up on Subversive Myz facebook page if yer bothered.. and naughty enough to enjoy them ;)

Biggus Hugguses and Squishy Kissies to those of you not offended by them

..and *sedate waves* to the rest lol



  1. Hey hun x Thanks for sharing your smiles x and I would like to send you "Virtual hugs" you keep your chin up sweetie x Leigh x

  2. big hugs and it looks super tidy now . Love the coasters and that penguin is so cute.

  3. Jealous of your tidy craft stash. Mine looks like a tip and is in urgent need of some attention, but just can't get motivated to do it! Fab coasters hun. x

  4. not my craft stash it's little myz'

    mine looks like a hurricane hit it and is in kitchen x

  5. What a beautiful crocodile,bet she was soooooooooooo proud to get it.
    mt grand daughter got the class teddy to take home during half term.She had to take pics of it enjoying itself,lol.
    She took it everywhere,even swimming,she never put him in the water.
    Squishy hugs to you too

  6. Yay - congratulations Little Myz both on the croc and the rather splendid craft area you have now :D

    Gail I adore that tree coaster - you def have not shown these ones before. Big huggles x x x x