Saturday, 3 July 2010

OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm published! lol


I got in the magazine! lol

No crafty stuff to share just now as well dizzy and yuck but so happy happy happy :)

Missing going bowling for Little Myz' birthday but I'm happy happy :)

LOL there were loads of police outside my house in the square earlier on.. dogs and everything sniffing down the side.. then they went away... can't find anyone who knows why they were there either lol

Back to bed now... lol hubby just bought me tea

He made me a card last week and I still get cups of tea yeay

*hugs* to you all

G xxx


  1. We've always got police sniffing around here. With a pub either end of the road - a zebra crossing no-one ever stops at (don't get me started on that one! Grr!) and a roundabout that is always having some sort of bump happening - you just get used to it. That's before you mention the carpark. They sent a forensic team out when our car got broken into a while ago - didn't find much except to tell us the poobag had cut himself breaking in. Good, hope it blimming hurt! Was slightly offended that he didn't steal my Alice cd's mind you! *g*

    Brilliant, brilliant news on the being published :D REALLY well done :)

  2. Well done on being published!!!

  3. Well done on being published :):):) WELL DONE xxxx << lots of invisible ones too x