Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bears and Dolly Mamas

Not having a good day at all today....

...decided half way through the morning that Tomorrow Would Be Better....

So in preparation I sorted out the Calendar Bear threads and got the project onto my frame ready for when I could cross stitch without dizzy wobbling or stabbing myself with the needle! lol

Also was excited to receive my first Dolly Mamas from the US in the post... they are so much cheaper over there and I got 2 for 8 pound something delivered each.....

I really love Dolly Mamas and chicklets but not many other people I have found have any so we can't swap patterns etc... so I'll have to plod through getting them one by one when I get some on offer

Wish I lived in the states... I could buy so many more for my money lol....

So far I have had:

High Maintenance - not done yet
Wild Oats - not arrived from US yet
Go Braless- the one I stitched for my mum
Stitch Bitch- this one... the one I'm going to stitch for meeeeeeeeeeee

..there are so so many I want though



Anyway I hope you are having a good day- at least today has been like The Fonz!


G xxx


  1. oooh i like those . Not really seen any before . Wonder if i could get my boys to look for some . lol
    You gonna finish your bears yeahhhh . i can see what mine should look like then. That bear wasn't too bad to stitch i did that one first.

  2. I love getting bits from America - craft classes I do work out quite good when you convert the dollars into pounds too :P

  3. Can't wait to see how they turn out!! They look so cute!
    Jodi =)