Wednesday, 9 June 2010



Well, as a contrast to the last time I posted I don't have loads and loads of things on the table... or a 4 year old daughter.....

Not been too well but at least it's all sorted now so when I'm up to it I can craft craft craft!!!!!

There's a mat there for Little Myz as well.....

To the right of the photo you can see my pile of superhero papers and decoupage as the first thing I have to do is make some superhero cards... the last ones I made have all gone! ... they seem apt for boys of all ages :)

We can even...........Eat At The Table....

...wonders will never cease :)

Please drink in the image of my clear-ish won't last long! ;p

What's on your workdesk/table/space this Wednesday? Come and share it with us here




  1. well done on clearing your table, boo for having to eat n stuff lol enjoy messing it up again.

  2. I'm having mat envy! Look how clean your mats are. Mine are all lumpy and bumpy with welded on bits of paper, glue and paint. Must treat myself to another one for 'clean' crafting!

    BIIIG hugs!

  3. Gawd, I thought you'd both left home for a minute! Mat envy here too - great way to put it! I think a tidy desk is oneof the most inpsiring jumping off points for me. Come round a nd tidy whenever you like!

  4. Thats one very tidy crafting space.....more mess next week please :-)
    A x

  5. Lol, that is tidy, at least you can eat though, we cant!

  6. Lovely, clear table what an invitation to pop on and do some crafting!

  7. ahhh and how long did your table stay like this. :)

  8. Still like that :(

    Made a card the other day but that's it. Looks neater than it does in photo now :(