Thursday, 17 June 2010

Not Going Well (revisted) ....

Hello Everybody Peeps!

Had a brain wave a couple of days ago...leave out all the borders and stuff and just do the woman.. save lots of time and should get it done by weekend

Hadn't counted on being more dizzy and fall-over-y than usual so after really really trying my best I have got this far.....

May still get done but it's looking doubtful.

Weigh In today says I have lost 2 stone so far! .. only a squiliion more to go! lol

Symptoms are always worse approaching summer anyway so fingers crossed I'll feel better soon. At least I know it isn't the eating plan is it's ultra filling and piiiles of foodies

Shall keep you posted if i can


G xxxx


  1. whoo hoo looking good. Great news on the weight loss too. you'll be skinny as the woman you're stitching soon.

  2. Aw she is brilliant! So funny - your Mum will love her *g*

    You are doing so fab on SW Gaily, have started a food diary on Minimins to try and ignore the siren call of the bread!