Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Samantha's teacher has had a baby boy- I found out this morning so raided my various ready-made toppers and made this card. The balloon strings are kind of a let down but all in all I think I like it. . . . hmmm I really have to work out how to put various photos into one daily blog instead of posting in fits and starts... or else it will be more a Twitter (Tweet?) than a blog lol.... which I have resisted until now as

(1) I'm not really 'into' the whole celebrity thing and
(2)I really don't want to know when my mates go to the loo....and what they do while there..... and each time they make a cup of tea....

....and, of course, I'm ancient and not able to keep up with these things.... even Facebook gives me a headache lol


  1. Lovely card, like the colours :)

  2. Such a cute card - I love how you've put his name on the balloons x