Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Flippin Women!

Aha ok I think I've cracked the multiple images thing...


I just had to share the Flippin' Women card I made the other day as I think it's so hilarious ...and so realistic. She hasn't got a clue her kids are painting on the chair behind her! :0 ... or she doesn't care as those chocolates are laced with Prozac.... hehehe.

I would usually use one of the La Pashe cards for these, only I have so many Flippin' Kids, Men and Women sheets here that it's getting really I am experimenting at the moment to see whether I can get away with 'normal' cards *blushes at her Scroogitasticness*


  1. Yes. Realistic. *casts glowering glances at toddler* My lovely pine drawers that used to be my Mums aquired a red marker pen piece of art this morning.

  2. *glowers at Carmen's toddler too*

  3. It's the same card...the naughty kids are on the left as you open the card. I love Flippin' images but they just *had* to come out with Flippin Teenagers now so I had to buy those too hehe

  4. Love your work on these cards!