Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Hello xxxxx
Thank you for sent hugs and good wishes. I am doing ok. Just not going as well as I would like.......but wouldnt we all like more than we have :) after last week  fall hurting back managed to feel better thenyesterday ttripped over the dog bed. Yes. I really do not help managdd to finish a few easter cards. Not nearly as much as I wanted so I will say here HAPPY EASTER and hugs and sloppy
I hope that those of.ypu who have a holiday ag the moment arr enjoying and refreshed for when you have to go back  nesxt week. Booooo...
Mmmwah xxxxx


  1. Ah right back at you hun - hope you are OK!

    1. Yes.just more than usual pain and a lot more slow.even than.usual! Lol.but no tears today.whoop xx