Monday, 2 August 2010

My First Scrap Page *cringe*

Hello! :)

Following a rather crud weekend I'd like to share with you my...



It's nothing earth shattering but it's my first 'proper' one and a start to my Little Myz year by year scrapbook...


I'm actually rather impressed by it so if you hate it please use the words 'it's ok' or else you'll deflate me like a balloon that's decided to cuddle a very sharp

Not put much journalling on there as I'm scared hehe.... but for a first attempt I think it's the best I could have done... Little Myz adores it so I suppose that's what counts :)

Also over the weekend I got my Cross Stitch Crazy prize for being First Past the Post.... a really good book....

So yeay for that!


Gail xxx


  1. Ohhhhh it's beautiful Gail. I love the sentiments you've used on there and don't worry about the journalling. I struggle with that side too - if it's something important you want to say you can always hide it away in secret pockets or on the back of pages or in hidden tags. This is a beautiful first page and it's no wonder Little Myz loves it. Congrats on the book win too x x x

  2. Its lovely! I`m just starting scrapbooking so I love to see what other people come up with.

  3. OOOOOh you're much braver than me that's fab i love it. I keep saying i'll make one but never get around to it. She's really cute tell her.

    Congrats on a great win too.

  4. It's fab - my first page was awful!! Ilove all the little embellies you've used!

  5. Your first page is totally GORJUS and much better than my first ever page! The scalloped oval accent suits so perfectly and I love the little jumper embellishment - too cute! Keep up the good work; look forward to seeing more.

  6. No deflating from me - it's gorgeous! Love the embellishments, stop being so hard on yourself. I'm with craftygranny, you're much braver than me too.
    The book looks good too - congrats.

    Jaqui x

  7. awwwww thats so lovely :D
    Happy first page :D
    J xx

  8. It's lovely. I've been scrapping for nearly 3 years now and I still have trouble fitting in the journaling. None of that soppy American stuff for me. But if you think your reluctance to put journaling on the page might continue, you can always get into the habit of making a 'flap' (no...) with the journaling under it (maybe the photo mat) or even just slapping it on the back of the page, I know quite a few people do this.