Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My weekend away

Just a quickie to update you about our weekend away- thanks for the emails people have sent me it's nice knowing I was missed.... like someone actually cares whether I am here or not lol xxx

...not done any crafting besides bits on the Strawberry Shortcake cross stitch thing for Crafty Ribbons challenge.... hopefully soon :) .. if I go awol again please feel free to email- the link is on the right there's no excuse, you have it there ;)

Have far more photos but haven't got the cable for my camera so can't upload all the decent ones to my PC like the ones of the huuuuge room at the Gibbon Bridge.. I'll do it one day but for mow you're stuck with my camera ones lol..

This is how excited I was to get to Preston at last... took a pic in the loos... hehe

Getting excited looking at the menu with my J2O ... don't usually have those because they are sooo expensive lol

Went to see Kick ass in the cinema.... look at my surprise at getting *this* when I ordered a medium!!!! I didn't have much of

Here is the huuuuge pizza hut pizza.... Gary did his best but could only eat 4 slices. I had 1 but I'd had a salad I'm not that good ;)

Here is my Gibbon Bridge teddy bear that I got as part of the prize.. I considered calling him Tarquin but the name Dave stuck... so here's Dave...

Plenty of other gorgeous pix to come but I thought I'd show you a few now...

Totally totally knackered but it was a really good weekend and I'm so glad I went! Started a diet on Tuesday, the day after I got back, as if I didn't have enough to cope with after going away for the weekend... it's going rather well actually :)


G xxxx


  1. Oh wow! Loving these piccies :D Dave Tarquin has a ring to it :P How cute :P

    How was Kick Ass? Devvie and I are desperate to see that.

    Looks like you had so much fun!

  2. oh wow love dave he's a cutie . You look like you're having a good time. was it really posh? lol